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Our lab is always looking for talented and driven scientists to join our team. Presently we are seeking:

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Post-Doctoral Fellow (2)

We are offering a postdoctoral fellowship in medicinal chemistry at the Krembil Research Institute, UHN. As the postdoctoral fellow, you will be part of an exciting multi-disciplinary team tasked with translating new biological discoveries into druggable targets. The position will be focused on multi-step synthesis of novel small molecules that will be tested in various biological assays conducted within academic researchers’ laboratories at Krembil. UHN and other research institutes across Canada. The successful candidate will be part of the Kembil’s vibrant multi-disciplinary academic drug discovery group consisting of over 50 biochemists, molecular biologists, behavioral neuroscientists, and computational, analytical and medicinal chemists.

Key Responsibilities
• Design and synthesis of new chemical entity small molecules as putative drug platforms.
• Conduct multi-step synthesis of small molecules using state of the art synthetic organic chemistry methods
• Conduct structure and ligand-based design and basic molecular modelling
• Work collaboratively with expert researchers across a multitude of disease biology areas and other scientific disciplines
• Conduct due diligence on potential therapeutic targets

• PhD received within 5 years; PhD in synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry within 1-3 years preferred
• Expertise and experience in standard techniques of synthetic organic chemistry
• Effective team player with strong, collaborative trouble-shooting skills
• Solid documentation skills and organizational ability
• Excellent communication and presentation skills

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Contact: [email protected] for any questions.